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Andria Kozica Resume.jpg


Andria's voice can be heard on the English dubs of the following foreign movies and tv shows:

Fake Profile (Camila) - Netflix

Queens on the Run (Famela) - Netflix

Blood and Gold (Elsa) - Netflix

Dead End (Celina) - Netflix

Kubra (Merve) - Netflix

Christmas Flow (Alice) - Netflix

The Wonder Weeks (Roos) - Netflix

Love is Blind Brazil S3 (Karen) - Netflix
Coyotes (Mongoose) - Netflix

My Family (Kanako) - Hulu

God's Crooked Lines (Montse) - Netflix

Welcome to Eden (Danae) - Netflix

Women at War (Florence) - Netflix

Lady Voyeur (Helena) - Netflix

Between the World and Us (Ceren) - Hulu
1000 Miles from Christmas (Maria Jose) - Netflix

Fanfic (Emilia) - Netflix

The Tailor (Ozden) - Netflix
The Mire (Roksana & Secretary) - Netflix
A Night at the Kindergarten (Deroda) - Netflix

The Festival of Troubadors (Dilek & others) - Netflix

All the Places (Lalo's cousin & others) - Netflix

Ad Vitam (Lea & others) - Netflix
Generation 56k (Loredonna & others) - Netflix
Yara (Silvia) - Netflix

The Playlist (various) - Netflix

The Patients of Dr. Garcia (various) - Netflix
The Last Mercenary (various) - Netflix
How I Became a Superhero (various) - Netflix
Major Grom (various) - Netflix
Hold Tight (various) - Netflix

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