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Birds, bees & threes
(short film)

Andria plays Madeline Davis in Birds, Bees & Threes, now premiering at festivals around the country including River Run Film Fest, Burbank Film Festival, Imagine This Women's Film Festival & Austin Film Festival.

Julia's trusted triplet support group leader expresses the importance of teaching their children about sex by the age of eight. Birds, Bees, and Threes comically follows Julia and Andy Hudson and their triplet daughters as they all attempt to digest their embarrassment, shock, and confusion after “the talk."


English dub Recordings

Andria's voice can be heard on the English dubs of the following foreign movies and tv shows:

Dead End (Celina) - Netflix

Christmas Flow (Alice) - Netflix
Coyotes (Mongoose) - Netflix

God's Crooked Lines (Montse) - Netflix

Lady Voyeur (Helena) - Netflix
1000 Miles from Christmas (Maria Jose) - Netflix
The Mire (Roksana & Secretary) - Netflix
A Night at the Kindergarten (Deroda) - Netflix

The Festival of Troubadors (Dilek & Others) - Netflix

Ad Vitam (Lea & others) - Netflix
Generation 56k (Loredonna & others) - Netflix

The Playlist (various) - Netflix
The Last Mercenary (various) - Netflix
How I Became a Superhero (various) - Netflix
Major Grom (various) - Netflix
Hold Tight (various) - Netflix

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