"Terrific actors, splendid script."


“Produced at The Art of Acting Studio on a bare stage with just a table, a couple of chairs and a few props, the players prove once again that all that is truly needed for theatrical performance is a 'board,' a play and an audience." 


"Under the snappy direction of Dana Martin, this appealing cast is excellent, keeping the action in high gear."

-Paul Myrvold's Theatre Notes



“Andria Kozica is again a force to behold."

"All the characters are played by eight multi-talented actors who switch identities and accents with each costume change...each portrayal is more brilliant than the last."

-BroadwayWorld LA 


"TALKING TO TERRORISTS explains the violence, but doesn't excuse it.  This searing piece of Docu-Theatre doesn't have the simpleminded "either-you're-with-us-or-against-us" mentality; nothing's just black and white.  Using the words of terrorists, survivors, and civilians, TALKING illuminates the one option so rarely placed on the table by the powers-that-be: dialogue between "them" and "us" may eradicate our endless cycle of tit-for-tat bloodshed."

-Ed Rampell, @This Stage Magazine



“Andria Kozica is chameleon-like, alternately portraying a

love struck German teen and an Israeli fanatic on an overzealous

mission to rescue the returning Jews from perceived Nazi

clutches. As the sweetly innocent young lover Anna, Kozica

is completely convincing and natural, as she is in her other roles.”

– The Jewish Daily Forward


“Kozica shines...Hargrave and Kozica as Sammy and Anna are the Shakespearean star-crossed lovers of the play. The joy of innocent and overwhelming first love emanates from them and will touch your heart.” “This production is all about the art of acting taken to its highest level, presenting narratives from the past and offering hope for a better future.”

- Broadway World


“The chameleonic actors admirably switch characters and moods in an instant, ramping up emotionally and fully investing in even the shortest scenes, a tribute to their versatility and talent...” “...the stellar cast of three masterfully bring Horovitz's text to life, finding the joy, pain, regret, sorrow and humanity in such a monumental proposal.” “...this theatrical gem is not to be missed.” - LA Weekly



“Andria Kozica brought depth and complexity to her portrayal of Agnes in

The Shadow Box. Andria's moving performance of a character silently

struggling with a mother's death and her own impending freedom was beyond

powerful, viscerally affecting the audience.” 


“Andria Kozica's beautifully nuanced and mesmerizing performance in ‘The

Shadow Box’ at The Lyric Theatre is still resonating with me.  Her capacity to

access her truthful, honest and raw emotional reservoir was viscerally riveting

and captivating.  She's a truly great actress.”  


“Andria is a young hybrid of Kate Winslet, Anna Gunn and Rachel McAdams.

She is an incredibly watchable actress with astounding maturity. Her

performance in The Shadow Box was especially noteworthy and impressive for

its depth and realistic subtlety in a role that would have easily gone to the world

of melodrama in less capable hands. Andria delivered one of the best monologues

I've seen performed on stage in a long, long time. She is refreshing, exciting

and vibrant.”